Revo Domino D3, la radio multifunzione si fa strada

Materiale plastico bianco o nero e linee arrotondate, con la sua nuova famiglia Revo Domino l’azienda scozzese riesce finalmente a superare il complesso della mattonella trapeizodale della prima versione di una radio per FM/DAB, la Blik Station.

Il modello D3 (prezzo suggerito 165 sterline, disponibilità da novembre), combina funzionalità DAB/DAB+, FMS/RDS, Internet Radio wi-fi e iPhone Dock in uno stesso apparecchio. Sono previste anche versioni D1 e D2 un po’ più limitate. Interessante notare l’accordo che consente a Revo di offrire un mese di abbonamento gratuito a agli acquirenti della radiolina da tavolo (successivamente costa 3 sterline al mese). (Radio Passioni)

Lanark, Scotland, 5th October 2009: Revo’s DOMINO D3 leads a new generation of connected digital radio devices that combine multi-format radio reception, iPod and iPhone connectivity, audio streaming and access to a variety of premium online music services including
Visually, DOMINO D3 is a sympathetic blend of contemporary styling and cutting edge technology. Soft edges and continuous curves meet bold design elements to create a timeless and striking form. A wonderfully tactile rubberised coating adds the finishing touch to this instantly likeable design.
At DOMINO D3’s heart is an innovative joystick-based control system, enabling the user to quickly and easily navigate around the radio’s many advanced features.
Completing the hardware picture is the inclusion of a graphical OLED display, and high performance digital audio courtesy of NXT’s patented ‘Balanced Radiator’ loudspeaker technology.
DOMINO D3 is capable of receiving a full range of digital radio standards including DAB, DAB+ and internet radio – as well as conventional FM radio with RDS. DOMINO will also wirelessly stream digital music files from any ‘connected’ PC or Apple Mac. Additionally, DOMINO D3 includes an integrated iPod dock and is one of only a small number of digital radios that is certified by Apple for use with both the iPod and iPhone.
In addition to its terrestrial and internet radio capabilities, DOMINO D3 will also provide access to online music service*. Simply choose an artist or genre and let build the perfect playlist from its library of 5 million tracks – unique to the user, and fresh every time. Alternatively, an existing profile can be used.
DOMINO D3 includes a free 30 day trial subscription, thereafter a £3.00 per month subscription charge applies.
Owen Parry, Product Manager said "We’re delighted that Revo has included functionality as a standard feature on its new DOMINO radio, and the addition of a free 30 day trial subscription makes it easy for users to explore and enjoy music through, right out of the box.”
DOMINO D3 is part of a broader three model range as follows:

DOMINO D1 – A dedicated DAB/DAB+ model that also includes FM coverage and iPod & iPhone docking capabilities.

DOMINO D2 – A Wi-Fi internet radio model with audio streaming, FM, iPod & iPhone docking and access.

DOMINO D3 has an SRP of £169.95, while the D1 and D2 models are priced at £129.95 and £149.95 respectively. All three models are available in a choice of black or white finishes.

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