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Su eBay hanno messo in vendita una stazione in onde medie americana, con impianti e licenza

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Su eBay hanno messo in vendita una stazione in onde medie americana , con impianti e licenza. Secondo gli esperti della lista IRCA si tratta della stazione WIPS di Ticonderoga (ma con studi a Crown Point), “upstate” New York, silenziosa da dicembre sui 1250 kHz a causa dei costi operativi troppo elevati. Il prezzo base dell’asta è di 95 mila dollari e l’asta si chiude venerdì. Per ora non ci sono offerte. Non so se una licenza FCC può essere trasferita senza problemi a un proprietario non americano, ma immagino che 95 mila dollari per una stazione radio completa da noi siano un prezzo conveniente. Se siete interessati, sempre su eBay è in vendita contemporaneamente un construction permit relativo a una stazione in onde medie a Little Falls, anche lei nello stato di New York. La frequenza assegnata è di 1120 kHz e il call è WKAJ. Potenza massima diurna, 1,5 kW. Il prezzo base è di soli 50 mila dollari.

Commercial Am Radio Station in the Champlain Valley of Upstate New York and Vermont. This is your chance to be in the air with your own business. 1,000 watts by day, the overnight power rating covers the Town of License and a little more. Established in the 50’s this station has been the only station local to the community of record and the communities around it. Last format was Classic Rock/Pop with a tight tie to the community via local remote broadcasts, contests and local news.

Everything you need is here to walk in and go to work. Studios can be leased where they sit (heck — you might even be able to buy the building if you were interested in that) and the transmitter is on leased ground as well (a local museum owns the land). Station is set with an OMT system to be jock assist or full automation. Satellite dish included and is aimed for an ABC network if you choose to automate part or most of your broadcast day. Music is not included — you provide your own format.

This is in a non-rated Arbitron market (rural) but is near to the Burlington, VT and Rutland, VT markets. Station did have a streaming component (from its website) which could be established again easily.

This is not an internet radio station. This is a commercial license from the FCC and must be operated in its existing location (unless a move is approved by the FCC).

Sale is subject to FCC approval and buyer is responsible for obtaining that approval.

LMA opportunities might be considered for qualified operators but would be dependant on disclosure of financial feasibility and prepayment of 3 months.

Current license holder is available to assist with transition if desired.

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